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Greg Scruggs on football and life

Want to know what drives Greg Scruggs? Listed to a candid interview with Greg about football and life on the Furness Show on 950 KJR in Seattle. Greg talks about his passion for football, the competition on the Seahawks, and his mindset going into the season. The interview is about much more than football though, […]

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Three-technique: Key Seahawks to watch (preseason at Broncos)

Greg Scruggs is getting quite a bit of hype for his performance in training camp so far, and I’m buying into it. His rookie season in 2012 indicated had some potential to turn into a mainstay on defense, as he recorded two sacks in very limited playing time. But he missed all of 2013 with […]

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Scruggs reveals that Seahawks keep ‘whale’ in captivity

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Greg Scruggs has revealed that the Super Bowl champions keep a whale in captivity at the VMAC in Renton. No, not a real whale. It’s a joke. In an Instagram video posted Wednesday, Scruggs gave his followers an inside look at the Seahawks’ “aquarium” at their training facility, where they “keep […]

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Training Camp

What’s going on world? Been a while since I’ve checked in with everybody so first and foremost I hope that if you’re reading this you’re in good health. If you are reading this, for starters, you’re not blind so that’s good – which gets me to thinking, I should probably make this compatible for readers. […]

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Back to Work!

What’s going on with my peoples?! With OTAs in full swing, I’m officially back in the lab and man does it feel good to be back! After being out for an entire year, you can only imagine my excitement leading up to this season. There is nothing like being around the guys in an NFL […]

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It’s about that time of the year again, you know, where I transform from quarterback sacking, Scruggnam Style dancing Scruggs, to ever so elegant 150mph club-head swinging Woods. I love hitting the range during the week, and getting a round in on the course when time allows. I don’t know if you relate, but there’s […]

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